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Automation Award – Conditions of participation and unsolicited application

Teaser Automation Award

Automation Award – Unsolicited application

For more than 20 years, the Automation Award of elektro AUTOMATION and has accompanied automation technology and annually honors the most innovative solution approaches. Credits: greenbutterfly/ Mediengruppe

Conditions of participation for unsolicited applications

As a supplier of automation technology, you can apply for participation in the Automation Award:

Note: The Automation Award is presented annually at the SPS trade show in Nuremberg – pandemic-related sometimes purely virtual. All readers of elektro AUTOMATION and can vote online for their favorites from the beginning of November.

To become a candidate for the Automation Award with a product or solution, you can submit an unsolicited application as follows:

  • As a company from the field of automation technology, you have the opportunity to apply for participation. The conditions of participation including the participation fee of 975,- € per submission, which can be found here and on the Entry Form (English) / Teilnahmeformular (Deutsch) apply. The deadline for submissions for the Automation Award 2021 ends on September 30, 2021. Applications for the Automation Award 2022 are expected to be accepted until September 30, 2022.

All candidates will be reviewed by the Automation Award jury at the beginning of October. Three candidates will be nominated for each of the categories 'TECHNOLOGY' (Solution Offers) and 'DIGITALIZATION' (Digitalization Scenarios) and put to the vote by the readers of elektro AUTOMATION and

Conditions of Participation – this is important:

In general, all suppliers of automation technology can apply to participate in the Automation Award. The following applies:

  • The product in question or the corresponding solution offers a real innovation and thus new, previously unavailable features or in the implementation a real added value is achieved.
  • The submitted products or solutions must be available in mid-October, at least close to series production, or must be available by the middle of the following year.
  • The Automation Award jury will evaluate all proposals received by the editorial department by e-mail to by the closing date, provided that the fully completed Entry Form (English) / Teilnahmeformular (Deutsch) has been submitted. In the interest of equal treatment of all participating companies, incomplete forms as well as additional information beyond the information provided on the form cannot be considered.
  • All information provided on the product or solution – including pictures – can be published by the Konradin Media Group from mid-October. Unfortunately, we cannot consider confidentiality periods; if products with such periods are submitted, we must exclude them from evaluation.
  • A participation fee of EUR 975,- is due for each product submitted. You will receive a separate invoice with the payment details. A separate entry form is required for each product or solution. Two products therefore require two participation forms and participation fees.
  • The evaluation of the votes is carried out by the editorial staff of Legal action is excluded.

What happens after the submission?

All submissions, together with suggestions from the editors, are submitted to the Automation Award jury for evaluation. They nominate three candidates per category. From the beginning of November, readers of will have the floor and will be able to vote online.

The results will be available on the last day of the SPS trade show in Nuremberg at the end of November and will also be announced online. The winners will be notified personally by us and will usually receive the award at the trade show.

By the way: We present all submitted products and solutions as well as applications online on our website (German only). In this way, all readers can also get an idea of the submitted products and solutions for themselves.

We look forward to exciting and future-oriented products, solutions and applications.


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